AA São Paulo Visiting School

2010 – 2020


James Solly – Format Engineers

Fologram, Soomeen Hahm Design and Igor Pantic with Format Engineers
TangentialDreams (15)
Mamou-Mani Architects with Format Engineers: Burning Man 2016
BuroHappold_WoodenWaves (9)
Arthur MamouMani with James Solly:  Wooden Wave Ceiling Buro Happold Lobby
Mamou-Mani Architects with Format Engineers: Temple Galaxy
Littlehampton Welding Ltd and Lee Simons with Format Engineers: Quadralinear
James Solly The Institute for Building Structures and Structural Design: Elytra Filament Pavilion

Alison Grace Martin

Hyperbolic tessellation
Bamboo structures
Tetrahedral connection of 4 half tori
Weaving pattern
Crystal patterns