AA São Paulo Visiting School

2010 – 2021

2012 Schedule


In general, the first 3 days will consist of intense instruction (no previous knowledge needed) of Rhino, Grasshopper, several plug-ins including GECO, Kangaroo,  Galapagos, and Rhino-CAM,
as well as Processing and Arduino, and the use of the Laser Cutter, CNC Router and Miller and demonstration of the Rapid-Prototype Fast-Deposition Modeling. This instruction will be held in the FIESP building on Avenida Paulista as part of, and inspired by, the cutting edge interactive art of the FILE – the International Festival of Electronic Art.

Following site visits and consulting with local agents and industries and artisans in Barra Funda, participants will work on project proposals and one-to-one prototypes for urban-interventions to be installed in Barra-Funda, with a series of intermediate reviews in the Instituto Cervantes and a final review and interactive art performance  in the Instituto Cervantes and Barra Funda.