AA São Paulo Visiting School

2010 – 2024

2011 High-Low Tutors and Assistants

Robert Stuart Smith is a Design Director and a Founding Partner of Kokkugia (www.kokkugia.com). He holds a Masters Degree from the Design Research Laboratory (AA.DRL), where hes is now a Studio Course Master. He has taught at RMIT University, the University of East London, and is an internationally invited lecturer and critic. Robert has extensive experience in cultural, commercial and infrastructural projects,  working for Lab Architecture Studio and Sir Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners.  Robert’s research focuses on self-organisational systems and developmental growth, pursuing polyvalent and environmentally responsive affect.  He leads Kokkugia’s consultation to Cecil Balmond on non-linear algorithmic design research. Kokkugia operates through design, research, consultancy and teaching, has projects in the USA, UK and Mexico, and is exhibited and published internationally.

Anne Save de Beaurecueil and Franklin Lee (www.subdv.com) use computation to generate environmentally responsive geometries for architecture and urban design projects worldwide. They previously taught at the Pratt Institute in New York, and received Master’s Degrees from Columbia University. They have published, exhibited and lectured about their work worldwide, including the Beijing Biennale, the Rotterdam Biennale, the Athens Synthasoris Exhibition, the London Festival of Architecture, and the Festival of Electronic Language (FILE) in São Paulo. The work of AA Diploma Unit 2 has been featured in AD, ArchiCree, and the AA Agendas 7 Articulated Grounds: Mediating Environment and Culture publication.

Sandro Tubertini graduated fromthe University of Sao Paulo in 2004. He worked for Marcos Acayaba Architects and joined Edo Rocha in 2003 for two years, where he worked on projects ranging from office buildings to urban planning. In 2005 he earned a Masters Degree in Sustainable Environmental Design at the AA. He has worked at WSP Energy and in 2007 joined BDSP Partnership (BDSP.com) and works as an environmental consultant, providing environmental design advice supported by a variety of modelling and simulations activities for a range of projects in Europe and the Middle East.  Sandro is an assistant lecturer at the Architectural Association and has been invited to speak at various conferences in Brazil.  Sandro is responsible for the operations of BDSP in Brazil.7

Thiago Mundim graduated from Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil) in 2006 with a Bachelor Degree in Architecture and Urbanism,  and practiced in Brazil and in the United Kingdom as a Project Designer and Manager before joining the Design Research Lab MArch programme (AADRL) in 2009. At the AA Thiago collaborated on the projects “Porosis” and “Craftman Robot”, both exhibited at the 2010 London Festival of Architecture. His recent master thesis project on new methods of digital fabrication, “Knitectonics” (www.knitectonics.com), has received project distinction at the AA and has been selected to be exhibited and presented at the international conference ACADIA2011 – Design Through Computation. More information visit www.thiagomundim.net .

Affonso Orciuoli is a professor, researcher and architect, with a degree from Universidade Mackenzie, 1989. Founder and Director do Toolingroup, a research group related with emergent design, parametric design, programming, computation and their aplication for digital fabrication. The research group is interested in workflows and digital methodology. The mission is to make information on the use of computation for design more clear and transparent, in the academic and experimental realms. Affonso works in different academic institutions in Barcelona,and is a collaborator and academic coordinator of MedioDesign. He believes information should be universal, open and shared. More information at: orciuoli.net .

Arthur Mamou-Mani graduated from the Architectural Association in 2008 after being nominated for honours for his project on Oscar Niemeyer’s Communist Party Headquarters in Paris.He has worked for Atelier Jean Nouvel and Zaha Hadid Architects and is currently employed at Proctor and Matthews Architects where he helped designing a large free-form geodesic gridshell covering an artificial rainforest.He has been teaching digital design techniques  in diploma school at the AA and with U.F.O (Urban Future Organization) at London Metropolitan University.

Yoojin Kim is an  architect at Amanda Levete Architects, AL_A (amandalevetearchitects.com). He studied Architecture and Engineering in Korea before acquiring a master in Advanced Structural Engineering from Imperial College in London. He is furthering his knowledge at the Architectural Association, examining new design processes through digital and material design research with the aid of advanced computational techniques.

Ernesto Bueno holds a diploma of Architecture and Urbanism from Universidad Central de Venezuela, a Master in Genetic Architectures from ESARQ – UIC (Barcelona Spain), and is PhD Candidate in the same research line. He is a Researcher, Professor and Lecturer on emergent strategies in architectural design and fabrication, such as algorithmic design, parametric modeling, and CAD/CAM, using advanced tools like Rhino, RhinoScript and Grasshopper. He resides in Brazil and is an editor of the blog Parametricismo

Victor Sardenberg works at SUBdV (SUBdV.com) and is currently a fourth year student at the Instituto Presbiteriano Mackenzie, is member of the research group Teo.Pro (Theory and Project in Digital Era) and of the artistic ensemble EPICAC Tropical. His activities are between architecture, arts, sound installations and computation.