AA São Paulo Visiting School

2010 – 2024

2015 Tutors and Assistants


UNStudio, founded in 1988 by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos, is a Dutch architectural design studio specializing in architecture, urban development and infrastructural projects. The name, UNStudio, stands for United Network Studio, referring to the collaborative nature of the practice.  With already over seventy projects in Asia, Europe, and North America, the studio continues to expand its global presence with recent commissions in among others China, South-Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Germany and the USA. As a network practice, a highly flexible methodological approach has been developed which incorporates parametric designing and collaborations with leading specialists in other disciplines.   The workshop will be led by Director Christian Veddeler, Aurélie Hsiao and Adi Utama.

Ardmore Residence, Singapore, UNStudio 2014
Photo: Iwan Baan


Christian Veddeler  is a Director at UNStudio. Along with his role on UNStudio’s Board of Directors, he is leading several projects worldwide, in Europe, Asia and the United States. In close collaboration with Ben van Berkel, he is in charge of the Singapore University of Technology (SUTD) due to open in 2015, and two twin tower projects in Miami, Florida. Mr. Veddeler was responsible for a series of pavilion projects, that focused on digital design methodology, complex geometries, prototyping and manufacturing, such as: The Holiday Home at UPenn’s ICA, the Changing Room for the Venice Biennale, Chicago’s Burnham Pavilion, the U-turn pavilion for the Biennale São Paulo, the New Amsterdam Pavilion in New York City and the Motion Matters Series at Harvard GSD, Aedes Berlin and the Maxxi in Rome.  His continuous involvement in academia includes numerous teaching assignments and visiting professorships, amongst others at Harvard University, the Staedelschule in Frankfurt, Delft University of Technology, the Berlage and University of Illinois in Chicago.  Mr. Veddeler is a registered architect in the Netherlands and has received a Master of Science (Hons) degree in Architecture from Delft University of Technology.


Aurélie Hsiao is a Design Architect and Associate at UNStudio. Ms. Hsiao has extensive experience with projects of varying scales and typologies, including high-end residential, mixed-use, educational, offices, cultural, retail, transportation projects and master plans. Amongst her mixed typology experience, Ms. Hsiao has been instrumental in the design of Canaletto – a high-end 30 story residential tower in London, has contributed to the realization of UNStudio’s award winning Ardmore Residence in Singapore and is currently responsible for UNStudio’s first high-rise in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Through this set of globally leading high-rise projects, Ms. Hsiao brings a multi-disciplinary understanding on the impact of local zoning and urban conditions and their varying impacts on city skylines. Ms. Hsiao is a registered architect in the Netherlands. She has completed her Master of Science and Engineering (Hons) degree at the Delft University of Technology (TUDelft), with a focus on advanced computational architecture and digital fabrication processes. She has experience lecturing at the THU University in Taichung and at the CYCU University in Taoyuan, Taiwan ROC.


Adi Utama is a Design Architect at UNStudio. Mr. Utama has contributed widely in a diverse set of UNStudio’s key projects. From this set of experiences, he brings a unique design perspective from varying scales and typologies, including residential, educational, cultural, offices, retail, transportation, exhibition and complex mixed-use projects. Mr. Utama’s experience and design in mixed-use typologies at UNStudio has been a resourceful contribution to the research of the firm’s Innovative Organization Knowledge Platform. Amongst his focus interests is the development of design prototypes related to issues of density and program complexity. This research aims to evaluate how new typologies in a dense urban infill situation affect future city fabrics. Alongside a focus on projects in the South Pacific region, Mr. Utama is currently responsible for the design of UNStudio’s first high-rise in Australia – a 48-story mixed-use tower in Melbourne, which includes offices, retail and a hotel. Mr. Utama is a registered architect in the Netherlands. He has completed a Master of Architecture (Hons) at the Delft University of Technology (TUDelft) with a focus on advanced computational architecture and digital fabrication processes. He has experience lecturing at Delft University of Technology (TUDelft) and Eindhoven University of Technology (TUEindhoven) with a specific focus on complex geometries and digital design.



Alexandre Kuroda is an architect and founding member of MXM Collective, a collective of architects based in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and São Paulo. He earned his Master’s Degree of Architecture from Design Research Lab at the Architectural Association, London, 2012 and his  Bachelor’s Degree of Architecture from Mackenzie University Architecture and Urbanism, São Paulo in 2006. He worked as an Architect at Zaha Hadid Architects-London since completing his Master in April 2012 to March 2015 on high profile projects such as the KAFD Metro Station and the Esfera city Monterrey. In Brasil, he also worked as architect at Königsberger Vannucchi Arquitetos Associados  (06/2009 – 07/2010) and Defournier Arquitetos (06/2006 – 03/2009) in large commercial, residential, cultural and mix use projects.


Victor Sardenberg  is currently a Master of Arts student at the Städelschule Architecture Class, Frankfurt am Main, and earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Architecture from Mackenzie University Architecture and Urbanism, São Paulo.  He has taught computational tools and digital fabrication in various workshops around the world.  He currently works as an architect for Franken \ Architekten and worked previously for SUBdV Architecture. He is the co-author of “Arquiteturas Avançadas” along with Affonso Orciuoli and collaborates with Revista aU, writing about architecture and education.


Thomas Takeuchi is currently working as an architect at SUBdV architecture where he works extensively with parametric design and digital fabrication. He is earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Architecture from Mackenzie University Architecture and Urbanism, São Paulo. Thomas was a previous student in the AA Visiting School São Paulo Shopfront Fab workshop in 2012, and has a range of building experiences having worked for MDOito Arquitetura e Consultoria  and Bacco Arquitetura in São Paulo.


Renata Portelada is currently working as an architectural intern at SUBdV architecture where she works with parametric design and digital fabrication. She will earn her Bachelor’s Degree of Architecture from Mackenzie University Architecture and Urbanism, São Paulo this June, 2015. Renata was a previous assistant in the AA Visiting School São Paulo Liquid Design – Along the Edge workshop in 2014, is highly experienced as a Rhinoceros tutor, and has previously worked for Future Systems, Studio Felipe Protti, João Nery e João Marques Arquitetos Associados, Lúcio Engenharia and MG Projetos São Paulo.






Franklin Lee
 and Anne Save de Beaurecueil have been directors of the AA Visiting Schools São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro since 2010 and have run a series of workshops that bring leading architects from around the world to rethink the Brazilian urban landscape through combining cutting-edge technology and critical theoretical exploration with local culture, material and labor sources.  The are also design directors of SUBdV Architecture, using a mixture of high and low design technologies to generate socially and environmentally responsive geometries for architecture, furniture and urban design projects. They were AA Diploma Unit 2 Masters from 2005 to 2010 and taught at the Pratt Institute and Columbia University in New York, from where they both also received Master’s degrees. They have published, exhibited and lectured about their work worldwide.