AA São Paulo Visiting School

2010 – 2024

2010 Tutors and Assistants

Anne Save de Beaurecueil and Franklin Lee (www.subdv.com) use computation to generate environmentally responsive geometries for architecture and urban design projects worldwide. They previously taught at the Pratt Institute in New York, and received Master’s Degrees from Columbia University. They have published, exhibited and lectured about their work worldwide, including the Beijing Biennale, the Rotterdam Biennale, the Athens Synthasoris Exhibition, the London Festival of Architecture, and the Festival of Electronic Language (FILE) in São Paulo. The work of Diploma Unit 2 has been featured in AD, ArchiCree, and the AA Agendas 7 Articulated Grounds: Mediating Environment and Culture publication. They are currently working on the new Uniao dos Moradores e Comercio de Paraisopolis (UMCP) educational and cultural headquarters.

Césare Peeren is one of the 3 driving forces of 2012 Architects, a network of architects who consider ‘reuse’ to be an integral design strategy , he made the designs for MRS space station, the duchi shoe shop, Worm experimental music and film centre, the wikado playgarden, cilly furniture system and the visionary project ‘no flat future’. All examples of how reuse can lead to a hip and very contemporary design. He is an architect that mixes design work with lecturing, accommodating workshops and researching reuse potential of very different materials. Together with Jan Jongert he initiated the recyclicity foundation, 2012architects, the superuse website and wrote the superuse-book.

Jan Konings was trained as an industrial designer but has been working mostly as a designer in public space. He was one of the founders of Schie 2.0, together with Lucas Verweij and Ton Matton, and previously formed the design office Konings & Bey with designer Jurgen Bey. Designer Jan Konings’ work touches on many different areas, including town planning, landscaping, art, ecology and design. Jan Konings has devised many concepts. including Hotel Transvaal. Houses due for demolition and unsold new houses in The Hague’s urban regeneration quarter, Transvaal, were converted into rooms with a one to five star rating. He is currently designing a self-cleaning park on the site of a former rubbish dump.

Jeroen van Ameijde studied at the Delft University of Technology where he received master degrees in both Architecture and Building Technology. He has worked in offices in Holland, New York and Hong Kong and taught a graduate design studio at the University of Pennsylvania with Ali Rahim. As Head of Digital Prototyping he has set up the digital prototyping lab and has lectured and taught in various programs within the AA. He is teaching one of the studios within the AADRL master program with Marta Male-Alemany and has been teaching workshops in universities and institutions in London, Gent, Innsbruck and Tel Aviv.

Lawrence Friesen studied at Dalhousie University, Canada, and worked at a number of architectural practices before setting up the Design Geometry studio at Buro Happold Engineers. In the past nine years he has been involved in a number of complex projects whose innovative realisation entailed digital fabrication. Architectural forms are designed, engineered and realised through a digital design process to engage with simulation software. Forms are translated into a material design process that is true to the intent of the design but have a spatial and material awareness that enhances the design realisation. Currently he is a studio tutor at the AA graduate masters program Design Research Lab (DRL).

Valentin Bontjes van Beek lives and works in London and trained as a carpenter in Germany before graduating from the AA in 1998. He subsequently worked as an architect in New York with Bernard Tschumi, in Berlin and London, and has taught at the AA since 2001. Part of the Architectural Association’s Interim Management Team during the 2004/5 search for a new chairman, he is currently First Year Studio Master/Coordinator and runs the Pending Structures Media Studies course, which explores the design and fabrication of domestic and utilitarian CNC-machined plywood structures. He also teaches a MArch studio of Urban Design at University College London.

Zineb Seghrouchni, Msc (1981) is fascinated by the undesigned and unplanned urban environment, in exploring spaces and urban conditions that are not visible on the city map. Her work shows a combined methodology of synthesizing top-down analyses with local bottom-up activities.
She is currently working as an urban designer at the Dutch based office OKRA Landscape architects (www.okra.nl), on projects such as the regeneration of Wellesley Road in Croydon, London.
Next to that she’s working on a design driven research project with Anne Seghers (www.anneseghers.nl). The project is funded by the Netherlands Architecture Fund. The topic is interim urban development – re-activating cracks in the urban tissue.
Zineb holds a Mastersdegree in Urban Design and Planning from Eindhoven University of Technology. Her graduation project ‘URBAN TACTICS, when I think of Rio de janeiro….’ has received an honorable mention at Archiprix 2010 and has been exhibited during the International Architecture Bienale Rotterdam 2009/2010. The thesis fuels the discussion on self-managed urban culture as a form of urban development and how to enable this through a strategy of micro-interventions and local collaborations.
She has organized and participated in several international workshops and study trips in Europe, Latin-America and North-Africa.

Ernesto Bueno holds a diploma of Architecture and Urbanism from Universidad Central de Venezuela, a Master in Genetic Architectures from ESARQ – UIC (Barcelona Spain), and is PhD Candidate in the same research line. He is a Researcher, Professor and Lecturer on emergent strategies in architectural design and fabrication, such as algorithmic design scripting, parametric modeling, and CAD/CAM, using advanced tools like Rhino, RhinoScript and Grasshopper. He resides in Brazil and is editor of Parametricismo.

James Kwang-ho Chung is currently a fourth year student at the Architectural Association School of Architecture. James has worked at Poly.m.ur in London and he was also set to be a teaching assistant for the AA first year digital workshop since 2008. He won major prizes in Public Design Expo in Korea (2008) and Seoul Metro Project (2009). James also recently received AA Project Award 09/10.

Josiah Barnes studied architecture at Pratt Institute in New York and the Architectural Association in London .  Josiah completed a Master’s course at IAAC “Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia” in Barcelona . He co-founded FABberz with Raquel Gallego Lorenzo (New York – www.fabberz.com) in 2009.  Currently, he resides in London, where he owns and operates a collaborative digital fabrication studio (LAB 36) and studies at the AA Diploma School.  Among his current endeavors is DIA, an educational workshop platform dedicated to the international development of various lines of material system research.

Kim Diego Azevedo is currently a fifth year student at the Architectural Association School of Architecture. He has worked at MAD design studio in Beijing/Tokyo and most recently with Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF) on large scale projects in Abu Dhabi and Doha. He has been co-tutoring the AA first year digital workshop for the past two years and has participated in various AA workshops including Shin Egashiras Maeda Workshop in Japan, and Valentin Bontjes van Beek Crossing Bridge Workshop in Hooke Park.

Regiane Pupo holds a diploma of Architecture and Urbanism from Pontifícia Universidade Católica in Campinas (PUCCAMP),  a Master Degree from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) and a PhD from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), all in Brazil.  In 2007 she lived in Lisbon, Portugal and established the ISTAR labs at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST).  Currently she runs the Automation and Rapid Prototyping Lab for Architecture and Construction (LAPAC) at  UNICAMP  as a post doc researcher and a professor in the fields of Computational Design, Rapid Prototyping and Digital Fabrication for Architecture.

Yoojin Kim studied engineering in Korea before acquiring a masters in advanced structural engineering from Imperial College in London. Currently Yoojin is furthering his knowledge in the built environment by training as an Architect at The Architectural Association where he  is a fifth year student. His interest lies in examining the new design processes afforded through parametric design with the aid of advanced computational software’s such as Grasshopper.