AA São Paulo Visiting School

2010 – 2024

2014 Tutors

su11 (www.su11.com) – Design has been transforming rapidly in recent years through advances in new media, fabrication technology and material intelligence resulting in a frantic production of digital output, which often tends to be either indiscriminately iconic or scientifically utilitarian. Although we are interested in some of those aspects, our work is rather motivated by the synergies expressed in the physical manifestation of a highly sophisticated coalescing between software, technique and materiality as well as its aesthetic and programmatic effects on contemporary culture. In addition, we believe that architecture requires a focused vision on how to work responsibly within our environment and use the resources we have not only intelligently but hopefully draw further inspiration from a truly organic understanding of integration. Ultimately we believe that our responsibility as architects lies in the production of an adequate image reflecting our unique times and circumstances. This image cannot be reduced to the ethics of optimization nor can it be argued to be an inevitable outcome of any set of forces. Intuition and a deliberate opportunistic attitude towards our technologies are crucial in generating work that evokes new desires, engages our intellectual curiosity and widens our imagination.

Hart Marlow is a designer from Richmond, Virginia who graduated with a Masters in Architecture from Pratt Institute and Bachelors of Science in Architectural Studies from Louisiana Tech. He is an Associate Partner at su11 architecture + design, a multidisciplinary architecture and design firm in Brooklyn, New York. Hart is an instructor at Pratt Institute Graduate Architecture and Urban Design Department, CUNY NY College of Technology and University of Pennsylvania. He has also taught at Cornell, Architecture Association Visiting Schools and Tulane University.


Franklin Lee and Anne Save de Beaurecueil are directors of SUBdV (www.SUBdV.com), using a mixture of high and low design technologies to generate socially and environmentally responsive geometries for architecture and urban design projects. They were AA Diploma Unit 2 Masters from 2005 to 2010 and taught at the Pratt Institute and Columbia University in New York, from where they both also received Master’s degrees. They have published, exhibited and lectured about their work worldwide, including the Beijing Biennale, the Rotterdam Biennale, the Athens Synthasoris Exhibition, the London Festival of Architecture, and the Festival of Electronic Language (FILE) in São Paulo. The work of AA Diploma Unit 2 has been featured in AD, ArchiCree, and the AA Agendas 7 Articulated Grounds: Mediating Environment and Culture publication. They are also currently coordinating the AA Brazil Visiting Schools and are working on architecture projects for various grassroots micro-agencies, ranging from self-organized favela residents’ associations, to carnival samba schools in Rio de Janeiro, to a former boxer champion’s informal sports academy under the viaducts in São Paulo. These projects are realised through a negotiation between formal and informal entities, as well as between public and private agencies, to produce socially empowering interventions, combining computation and digital fabrication with local techniques, materials and economies.

Joseph Swan is an architect from Ireland, who received his diploma from the University of Ireland. He has worked for Heneghan Peng Arquitetos in Ireland, as well as the Advanced Geometry Unit, created by Cecil Balmond at Ove Arup Engineers in London. He specializes in parametric design and advanced digital fabrication technologies. He is currently working in Brazil.

Alex A. Tsolakis gained a Diploma in Architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, before under taking a Master of Arts at the Staedelschule Frankfurt a.M. In 2009 he established alphataf – a studio for spatial practice, focusing on architectural consultancy and multimedia installations. www.alphataf.com. Alex is a co-founder and creative director of Blank Slate Journal launched in 2013. www.blankslate.de


Victor Sardenberg (www.victorsardenberg.com) works at SUBdV (www.SUBdV.com), holds a diploma of Architect and Urbanist from Instituto Presbiteriano Mackenzie, is co-writer of “Arquiteturas Avançadas” blog at Revista aU (blogs.pini.com.br/arquiteturasavancadas), member of the research group Teo.Pro (Theory and Project in Digital Era) and of the artistic ensemble EPICAC Tropical.  He focuses his research on architecture, arts, sound installations and computation.