AA São Paulo Visiting School

2010 – 2024


photos by Liliane Calegari and Lucas de Sordi




Dates: 29/11/2011 to 02/12/2011 *** 4 DAY WORKSHOP PRICE = 278 POUNDS

Extending the São Paulo High-Low Visiting School, this four-workshop programme will focus on the 1:1 fabrication design of an interactive pavilion for the 2012 International Festival of Electronic Language (F.I.L.E.). To be located along Avenida Paulista, the aim is to create an interactive and supple design, using recursive scripting, associative modelling, processing and Arduino with digital fabrication. Based on the Strings Pavilion design of the 2011 High-Low workshop, the pavilion will react to light sensors and human activity, so as to transform and create a range of different lighting and spatial effects, triggering further movement of the pavilion and producing an interactive feedback loop of behaviour and response.

Each workshop will focus on a different phase of design fabrication. Participants can take part in one or more workshops, fee discounts will be given for multiple workshops. Design instruction will be led by Rob Stuart Smith of Kokuggia and Tristan Simmonds of Simmonds Studio, with Lawrence Friesen of Generative Geometry,  Anne Save de Beaurecueil and Franklin Lee of SUBdV, other AA tutors, and the original Strings Pavilion design team, as well as local structural engineers and set-designers. Each workshop will offer introductory instruction in computational design (grasshopper, processing and arduino) and digital fabrication, while advanced instruction in computation and digital fabrication will be given for participants of multiple workshops.
WORKSHOP 1 will develop design variations in small models, as well as material and structural scale modeling, testing, and prototyping, following computational and digital fabrication instruction.
This workshop will occur in the afternoons and evenings, (mornings are optional).

WORKSHOP 2, to take place in Rio de Janeiro, will produce 1:1 prototyping. Following computational and digital fabrication instruction, the workshop will explore the mechanics and electronics of the light-sensors and motors that generate the transformations of the pavilion.

WORKSHOP 3 will fabricate the final elements, working directly with manufacturers, testing partial assemblies. Advanced development of all circuits and arduino scripts will take place following computational and digital fabrication instruction. The focus will focus on the final assemblage of the Pavilion on site.

*Participants can attend one or more workshops.  Each workshop will offer three days of introductory instruction in computational design and digital fabrication. For participants attending more than one workshop, advanced instruction in computational design and digital fabrication will be given for the first three days.  Discounts will be given for participants attending more that one workshop. (See APPLICATION link)